"Superheros Within: Immunity in Health & Disease!"

CU Physiology Professor Moni Fleshner will introduce young students to the immune system and teach kids about some great “superheros”, the cells and organs that fight germs! With the help of “Anatomy Bob” and examples from a mouse, a rat and a human, Dr. Fleshner’s show will highlight one very important superhero in the body involved with fighting germs, the spleen!

Contact Candice Bartholomew Brown at (303) 492-5011 or djnadmin@jila.colorado.edu or check out www.colorado.edu/cuwizards/ for more information. November 18—Boulder, for ages 5-18, from 9:30 to 10:30 am, located at University of Colorado Cristol Chemistry Room 140.

Moni Fleshner 2017