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Spring 2022 Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions

Spring 2022 Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions First round : April 2–14, 2022 Opening celebration: April 1, 2022, 4–6 p.m. Artists: Amy Hoagland Madeline Job Allison Lemon Molly Ott Second round : April 23–May 6, 2022 Opening celebration: April 22, 2022, 4–6 p.m. Artists: Alanna Austin Mckenzie Blake Elizabeth Langyher Kaitlin Mccolgan
Image of a human torso from a medical text

The Art That Made Medicine

The Art That Made Medicine September 13 2021—April 29 2022 How does Hydrogen Man , a woodcut made by Leonard Baskin in 1954, relate to an illustration of the circulatory system from Andreas Vesailus’ 1555 anatomical text? What can we learn by considering artistic renderings of the human body and...
Photograph of a grey hand against a bright, colorful background.

Making Trouble: Hands-on Photography

Making Trouble: Hands-on Photography February 3 – March 19, 2022 Making Trouble: Hands-on Photography brings together a selection of photographs from the museum’s collection that have been altered either digitally or by hand. Made in the spirit of experimentation and intervention, the photographs on view demonstrate how photographers have expanded...