2023–2024 Academic Year

Who May Apply

Practicum training program applicants must be currently enrolled in a doctoral program in counseling or clinical psychology in Colorado. In either case, applicants must have completed at least two years of supervised practicum experiences by the beginning of the fall semester when the practicum training program commences. Demonstrated commitment to the values of social justice and multiculturalism, as evidenced by coursework, community involvement or life experience is required. We are committed to seeking a diverse group of applicants.


Trainees are required to attend orientation prior to the start of the fall semester. The orientation is designed to acquaint all trainees with CAPS policies and procedures, university regulations, ethical and service delivery guidelines and campus resources. The orientation period will consist of 5-10 days spread out across the weeks of August 1–August 18, 2023. The specific days and times will be determined after the practicum trainee selection period in order to best coordinate with trainee availability.


We are offering $15 an hour for up to 20 hours per week.


Practicum placement begins Monday, August 21, 2023

Practicum placement ends Friday, May 3, 2024

Practicum trainees will complete 16–20 hours/week for the practicum program. All trainees will gain experience in individual therapy and conducting workshops. Additional opportunities to gain experience in process group observation and/or crisis intervention may also be available. Due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the specific training opportunities are subject to change. All trainees will be trained on the provision of telehealth services and it is possible that some or all of the practicum experience may be conducted remotely.

Below is an example of a typical trainee weekly plan, spread out between 1 full day and 2 half days.

18 hr/wk Practicum Plan
  Total Hours Percentage

Direct Service Hours
Individual Therapy: 6 hours
Skills Workshop: 2 hours
Process Group Observation: 1.5 hours

9.5 53%
Receiving supervision
Individual supervision: 1 hour
Process Group Supervision: 30 minutes
Workshop supervision: 1 hour
2.5 14%
Administrative time
Staff/team Meeting: 1 hour
Check-in with Coordinator: 30 minutes
Paperwork/other administration: 2 hours
3.5 19%
Didactic training
Weekly seminar: 2 hours
2 11%
Lunch 0.5 3%
Total 18 100%


During the fall semester, one hour of individual supervision will be provided by a licensed clinician (PsyD, PhD, LPC, LCSW). During the spring semester, supervision pairings change and some of the trainees will be supervised by a doctoral psychology intern, who in turn is supervised by a licensed psychologist.

Didactic Training and Professional Development

Trainees participate in a 2 hour/week training seminar throughout the academic year. Topics covered in the past include monthly DEI seminar, cultural sharing, transgender care, eating concerns,  treatment for OCD, motivational interviewing approaches, trauma informed care, and applying for internship. Trainees are also expected to do a case presentation each semester in the training seminar.

Additionally, trainees are welcome to attend our All-Staff meetings and In-Service trainings, currently held every other Wednesday 9 a.m.–10 a.m. The time of these meetings/trainings are subject to change for the 2023–2024 academic year.

Additional Information

To Apply

Please submit the following materials:

  1. A cover letter including:
    1. name of graduate program, including whether this program is accredited by APA or similar body;
    2. reasons for seeking a practicum position at Counseling and Psychiatric Services, including how your specific training goals align with the roles, responsibilities, and opportunities afforded by the practicum program;
  2. a current vitae or resume;
  3. two letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with your work in providing psychotherapy and/or graduate coursework. One (1) letter must be from a previous clinical supervisor or someone knowledgeable of your clinical skills; and 
  4. the attached table, completed and attached with your application materials, detailing your supervised clinical experience – making sure to include actual number of hours already completed (by January 1, 2023) and hours anticipated prior to August 2023.  Please include a breakdown which indicates number of hours providing individual and couples therapy; group therapy and skills workshops; crisis intervention; presentations, consultation, and other outreach; and hours of supervision received. You also may include description & hours of other relevant experiences. 
    Download Table

Please submit applications by 5:00 pm on January 27, 2023. Interviews will be conducted between February 9 – February 23.

In an effort to promote equity and fairness, we will be participating in the Mutual Selection Date for advanced practicum selection. The date this year is February 24, 2023.

Submit applications electronically to:

Rachel LaHoda, Psy.D.
Psychology Practicum Coordinator

For more information, please contact Rachel LaHoda, Psy.D. or call CAPS at 303-492-2277.