2022–2023 Academic Year

Qualifications to Apply

The following qualifications are required to apply:

  • Currently enrolled in an accredited psychiatric nurse practitioner program.
  • Committed to social justice and multiculturalism, as evidenced by course work, community involvement or life experience.
  • Ability to work well with college age students as well as racially and ethnically diverse populations.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.
  • Flexibility and openness to delivering care through multiple modalities (telemedicine, in person sessions, group therapy, workshops).


The orientation is designed to acquaint all trainees with CU Boulder's Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) policies and procedures, university regulations, ethical and service delivery guidelines, and campus resources.  All trainees are required to attend orientation prior to the start of clinical service. The specific days and times will be determined after the selection period.  For 2022-2023, the orientation period will consist of up to 10 days spread out across the weeks of August 1–August 19, 2022.


  • The PMHNP Practicum clinical year will begin on Monday, August 22, 2022
  • The PMHNP Practicium clinical year will end on Friday, May 5, 2023

The PMHNP Practicum program requires 16-20 hours (or 2-2.5 days) per week.  This may be more than is required by your program but is an opportunity to graduate from your program with a higher level of clinical proficiency. Please keep in mind that it will be your responsibility to keep track of your hours to make sure you have completed the number of hours required by your program. 

All trainees will be trained on the provision of telehealth services and it is possible that some of the practicum experience may be conducted remotely.  All trainees will observe and conduct psychopharmacology sessions as well as workshops. Additional opportunities to gain experience in process group observation may also be available. Supervision will be provided primarily by MDs and NPs, however in special circumstances you may be supervised by another licensed clinician (PsyD, PhD, LPC, LCSW).

Below is an example of a typical trainee weekly plan:

20 hour per week plan

Function Total Hours

Clinical: Direct service hours

Medication management: 5 hours

Workshop: 2 hours

Group Therapy Process Observation: 2 hours


Clinical: Supervision

Weekly supervision: 1 hour

Case supervision: 1 hour

Group Seminar and Supervision: 1 hour


Clinical: Paperwork

Paperwork: 3 hours


Administrative time

Weekly Check-in: 0.5 hours

Other Admin (may include clinical coordination work): 2 hours


Didactic training

Practicum Rotating Seminar: 1 hour

NP Rotating Seminar: 0.5 hours



Total 20

Didactic Training and Professional Development

Trainees will participate in a weekly practicum seminar. Topics covered in the past include cultural sharing, in the moment interventions, and risk assessment. Trainees will also participate in a biweekly NP training seminar covering prescriber specific topics. Topics covered in the past include treatment of substance use disorders, ADHD, and medical treatment for insomnia.

Optionally, trainees are welcome to attend our All-Staff meetings and In-Service trainings, currently held every other Wednesday 9 a.m.–10 a.m. The day and time of these meetings for the 2022–2023 year is subject to change.

Additional Information

  • Credentialing through Human Resources must be completed prior to starting the training program. Trainees will also be expected to successfully complete a criminal background check.
  • Time off will be given during University holidays and break periods. Additional time-off requests must be approved in advance by your clinical supervisor and the training coordinator. They will coordinate with you a plan to make up these hours in most cases. 
  • Additional clinical hours may be arranged on a case-by-case basis, during breaks or following the successful completion of the training program.

To Apply

Please submit the following materials:

  1. A cover letter including:
    1. Your reasons for seeking a PMHNP Practicum at CU Boulder's Counseling and Psychiatric Services;
    2. A description of previous supervised clinical experience(s) – please include the actual number of hours already completed and hours anticipated prior to start of the preceptor program. Please include a breakdown which indicates number of hours providing individual, couple and group therapy, medication management, crisis intervention, workshops, presentations and other outreach and hours of supervision received. You also may include a description and the number of hours of other relevant experiences;
    3. The name of your graduate program, including whether this program is accredited by CCNE, ACEN, or another similar body.
  2. A current curriculum vitae
  3. Two letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with your work in providing psychotherapy, medication management and/or graduate coursework. One (1) letter must be from a previous clinical supervisor or someone knowledgeable of your clinical skills.

For full consideration, all application materials much be received by Monday, May 9, 2022. Late applications may be considered if space is available and on a case by case basis.

Individual interviews will be scheduled from Monday, May 23 through Friday, May 27, 2022. We will make final selections no later than June 1, 2022.

Submit applications electronically to:

For more information, please contact Sascha Arbouet, MD or call CAPS at 303-492-2277