ePERs & PETs

Electronic Personnel Effort Reports (ePERs)

Effort reporting is a requirement for recipients of federal awards as a means of attesting to the appropriateness of salaries and wages charged to the contract or grant.

Sponsoring agencies require reasonable assurance that labor costs charged to a sponsored project reflect the actual effort expended on the project.

Test your knowledge of ePERs! Take this short quiz to see how well you understand ePERs.

  • ePERs Resources
    OUC resources and training about the ePERs process, such as how to certify, supervisor certification and ePER summary reports.

  • Launch ePERs Training
    Direct link to the online ePERs training module in SkillSoft. Required for every faculty member and staff employee working on a sponsored project

  • ePERs Policy
    CCO's policy and procedure to facilitate administration of the electronic Personnel Effort Reporting System at CU Boulder.

Payroll Expense Transfers (PETs)

Payroll expense transfers are after-the-fact transfers to move salaries between speedtypes, projects and within awards. PETs can affect the ePER system so understanding the critical elements that go into creating a PET is crucial.

  • PETs Step-by-step
    For regular users - This guide describes how to create and submit a payroll expense transfer (PET).

  • Launch PETs Training
    Direct link to the online Creating a PET: Multiline Paychecks and Grant Funding training module in SkillSoft - For HCM users who create PETs.

Type of Email Notice

You'll Receive this Email if...

So Now You Need to...

Initial ePER Notice
Sent after the end of each academic term. The Office of the University Controller (OUC) sends email notifications when ePERs are ready for certification or re-certification in the portal.

your salary or at least part of your salary was charged to a sponsored project in that term.

certify the ePER (i.e. certify your effort on the project during that term).

Reminder Notice
For Boulder campus, the cadence of the emails is initial, 15-day 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, 120-day and then every 10 days.  

you have not yet certified your ePER.

certify the ePER within the required 120-day time frame.

Past Due Notice
Sent every 10 days once the ePER becomes past due.
you did not certify your ePER within the required 120 days. certify the ePER as soon as possible.
PET Notice
Sent when project effort certified is less than salary charged. A message pops up after clicking the Certify button indicating that the ePER certifier needs to request a PET from their payroll liaison.
your effort percentage differs your payroll distribution. double check the numbers that you certified on the ePER. If it’s a typo, please recertify your ePER. If the original number on the ePER is incorrect, please contact project PI/Supervisor, the project fiscal manager, or your department payroll liaison to submit a PET to correct the funding allocation.
PET Reminder Notice
Sent every 10 days after initial PET notice, until PET is approved or canceled.
your ePER effort still does not match your payroll and a PET has not been approved yet. ensure that the PET is submitted and approved. Note your ePER is not complete until the PET is approved, then our ePER system will generate a new ePER with updated effort for you to certify.
PET Completion Notice
Sent when the PET is approved.
your ePER required PET has been approved. do nothing. This is just to inform you that the ePER is now certified.
Revised ePER Issued Notice
Sent when ePER needs to be re-certified as the funding distribution has been updated after an ePER was certified.
a re-certification of the ePER is now due. re-certify the ePER if you agree with the updated effort. If you disagree with the changes/updates and you are not willing to recertify the new numbers, then a PET is needed to correct your effort. Please reach out to your payroll liaison.
ePER Recertification Notice
Sent when a PET changed your payroll distribution so that is inconsistent with your previously certified ePER.
your previously certified ePER has been undone by a new PET that changed your payroll distribution. recertify the ePER.
ePER Recertification Past Due Notice
Sent every 10 days until ePER is recertified.
you did not recertify your ePER within the required 30 days. recertify the ePER.

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