When to Use the Cash Receipt Form

The completed Cash Receipt form must accompany all cash when it is deposited at OCM in Regent Hall, room 175. Instructions for completing the Cash Receipt form are on the form itself.

Finance System/Reporting System Effect

The transaction that records the deposit of cash to a FOPPS-Account combination will appear on the Financial Detail report. It is the responsibility of the department to reconcile all details from the Cash Receipt form to the monthly reports. This includes verifying that:

  • The transaction amount was accurately recorded
  • The transaction was appropriately entered as a credit (or rarely, as a debit) and
  • The correct FOPPS-Account combination (the one coded on the Cash Receipt) was used.

In addition to crediting (or debiting) the FOPPS-Account combination as indicated on the Cash Receipt form, an automatic offsetting entry to cash will be created. For example, a deposit for cash sales will be credited to an appropriate revenue account code on the Cash Receipt form. When reconciling the Financial Detail report, you will notice the credit to revenue as well as an offsetting debit to cash. The cash entry is automatically created as a way for the FOPPS-Account combination to maintain balance.

Contact your campus accountant for help in locating and completing the Cash Receipt form or for assistance with understanding how the Cash Receipt information appears on the monthly financial statements.