Access to University Finance and Procurement (CU Marketplace) systems is easily and quickly managed with assistance from the Campus Controller’s Office.

Select Your Access Type/Find Required Training

To determine which types of access you require review Common Roles and TrainingThe chart indicates which training(s) you must complete in SkillSoft prior to requesting access. Please wait one (1) day after completing training before requesting access using OIM in order for the training data to transfer from SkillSoft to HCM.

Request Access Through the CU Identity Manager

To request access using the CU Identity Manager system, locate the role or roles you need, and place them in the shopping cart. Submit the cart to your supervisor for approval. If you require additional training prior to access approval, the system will auto-generate an email detailing any missing training. You must complete the additional training before you may submit your cart.

CCO Review 

The CCO Finance Access Coordinator will review your cart to ensure all steps are accurately completed. UIS will generally grant access within a few business days. 

Step-by-Step Guides

For step-by-step assistance select from the access options below:

Cognos access, including m-Fin reporting, is automatically granted to everyone who has access to the Finance System.