The Central Information Warehouse (CIW) stores the university's data related to financial and human resources activities and transactions.

How it works

General Ledger (GL) transactional data is processed during overnight schedules and updated to the CIW. This information can be used to run queries and create reports that managers frequently use in their daily operations.

Required training

Users are required to complete Fiscal Code of Ethics and FERPA training in SkillSoft before access can be provided.

How to request access:

1. Navigate to the CIW Access PDF form

2. Complete the form 

  • Step 1: User Information
    Fill-in your information - name, department and general details. 
  • Step 2: Request Type​
    Select the type(s) of access you are requesting.
    Add a description/justification of the access needed. If both Finance and HCM access are needed, indicate that in the box.
  • Step 3: Data Selection
    If you are requesting access for both (Finance and HCM) CIW accesses, you do not need to submit the form to each coordinator. The Campus Controller's Office Coordinator will submit the form to the HR Coordinator, if both options are indicated in Step 2.