The importance of continuous and hybrid system verification is on the rise, driven by the emergence of safety- and operation-critical cyber-physical systems. The ARCH workshop is dedicated to exploring verification techniques tailored for continuous and hybrid systems, with a particular emphasis on bridging the gap between theory and practical applications. Furthermore, it curates a carefully selected collection of verification benchmarks contributed by both academia and industry.

The ARCH workshop also serves as the venue for the ARCH-COMP friendly competition, offering an updated snapshot of the cutting-edge advancements in verification tools across a wide spectrum of categories, including:

  1. Formal Verification of Hybrid Systems (comprising piecewise constant, linear, and nonlinear dynamics)
  2. Artificial Intelligence and Neural Network Control Systems
  3. Stochastic Models
  4. Falsification
  5. Hybrid Programs and Theorem Proving

This event provides an invaluable platform for experts to exchange knowledge and showcase the latest developments in the field of continuous and hybrid system verification. The ARCH Workshop in 2024 will be held in conjunction with ADHS 2024. The workshop website can be found in this link.