What to Wear to the Commencement Ceremony

At the commencement ceremony, you will continue an age-old tradition by wearing the same caps, gowns, cords and hoods as generations of Buffs before you. Discover what and how to purchase to prepare for commencement.

Undergraduate Regalia

If you’re graduating with your bachelor’s degree, you will wear a black gown, a black cap and a colored tassel indicating your field of study.

You can purchase your regalia from the CU Book Store online or in person.

Buy Undergraduate Regalia

Graduate Regalia

If you’re graduating with your master’s or doctoral degree, you will wear a black gown and a hood lined with velvet trim denoting your field of study. Master’s students will wear a mortarboard cap and a black tassel. Doctoral students will wear a tam and a gold tassel.

You can purchase your regalia from Jostens online. The deadline for ordering is Wednesday, March 27, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. MDT.

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Academic Dress

In addition to your traditional regalia, you may wear cords, stoles and medals to represent your communities, programs, clubs and honors at CU Boulder. Learn which options are available to you.

Cords, Stoles & Medals

The University of Colorado Boulder welcomes Native American and Indigenous students and their families to wear and display traditional Native American or Indigenous regalia at graduation. Regalia might include accessories such as beads, jewelry, feathers or leis, and clothes, blankets and footwear. Only enrolled members of a federally recognized tribe should wear or possess eagle feathers.

Donate Your Cap & Gown

After graduation season, consider donating your regalia for another student to use. Drop off your caps and gowns at the Environmental Center, located in Room 355 of the University Memorial Center.