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Colorado List of 10

Where'd My 14er Go?
A new way of measuring elevation in the U.S. will yield the most accurate results yet — but might cost Colorado a couple 14ers.

@Last: How Google Came to Boulder
It’s hard to believe now, but there was a time when there was no Google in Boulder.
Alena Grabowski adjusts a blade to an runner
Life after Death on the Internet
As our lives go digital, Jed Brubaker is studying what happens to all that data after we die.

Of Mind and Matter
Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk is the second most viewed of all time — and just a taste of what she has to say.

From Free Throws to F-35s
Tucker Hamilton and Aaron Frey are test pilots for the U.S. military’s most sophisticated fighter jets ever. Their journey together started in middle school.

The Sharkive
Bud and Barbara Shark helped CU acquire a major trove of modern art.

Ramen King
Japan went crazy for Ivan Orkin's ramen. Now America has the fever.

Blade Runners
CU’s Alena Grabowski is helping a new generation of amputee athletes reimagine what’s possible.

The Gold Life, Post-Bronze
Snowboarder Arielle Gold won a medal at the Olympics in February 2018. This summer, you might have seen her around campus.

The Flipside of Happiness
We stock our shelves with books and pills intended to make us happy, but CU psychologist June Gruber warns that too much of a good thing can backfire.