Colorado List of 10

Unlearning Pain
Can chronic pain patients think themselves into wellness?Chris Menoli

The Oldest Apples in Boulder
CU ecologists are tracking down the surviving trees of the Front Range’s all but vanished apple orchards.

Pulling Stunts with The Arthurs
Actors play characters; Heather (Bus’03) and Jonathan Arthur (Bus’03) play actors. They’re stuntmen.

Engineering a Better Football Helmet
You could say Chris Yakacki is making serious headway in the effort to develop a safer football helmet.

Actor Christopher Meloni
It’s no surprise that People magazine named the long-time star of television’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit one of its Sexiest Men Alive in 2006.

CU's Star Placekicker
Australian James Stefanou (Jour’21), a 31-year-old former soccer pro who is the Buffs’ star placekicker, is the oldest active player in big-time college football.

Robert Redford, Our Man
After spending a lifetime in film as an actor, director and producer, Robert Redford (A&S ex’58, HonDocHum’87) braved the sea and starred as the sole character in the film All Is Lost.

Workplace Bias
Business professor Stefanie Johnson talks strategies for mitigating bias, her White House appearance and a joint project with her biologist husband.  

Origins: Post-It Note Adhesive
In 1968 Spencer Silver (PhDA&S’66), a senior chemist at 3M’s Central Research Labs, developed a peculiar adhesive.

Long Distance Commuter
Jim Voss (MAero’74; HonPhD’00) has been to space five times. He can handle the Houston-to-Boulder commute.