Information Science Associate Professors Casey Fiesler and Steven Voida

Building a better ‘bionic pancreas’

Living with Type 1 diabetes is demanding—patients must stay on top of their diet and exercise, even if they’re living with technology like insulin pumps or continuous glucose monitors. But information science faculty Casey Fiesler and Steven Voida are optimistic that with the help of holistic technology, this will change. They’ve received a grant from the National Institutes of Health, and, along with other university colleagues, hope to develop a “person-centered artificial pancreas.”


DORA ad: mountain biking


Extreme sports enthusiasts are no strangers to adrenaline rushes, but they know the importance of preparation and safety before jumping out of a plane or climbing a steep mountain. New investors, on the other hand, often jump into the trading game with far less experience and knowledge. Advertising students from CU Boulder recently worked on an education campaign designed to counteract risky behavior.

video still of a firefighting crew


Associate Professor Jody Jahn’s time as a seasonal firefighter did more than fund her college education, it inspired her professional research. Jahn and a team helped design a pilot program that aims to help wildland firefighting crews improve their culture.

Beyond the Classroom

Daily Heard Team

Public relations students place second in national competition

The Daily He(a)rd has become the first CMCI student team to win the Bateman Case Study Competition. The team's win is not just a first for CMCI, but for Colorado. The team tackled the issue of misinformation for the News Literacy Project.

Mendoza picture

Student IHOPs to dream internship

When Matthew Mendoza enrolled at CU Boulder, he didn’t expect to work alongside marketing giants. This past summer, he worked with UM Worldwide on numerous projects, including one for IHOP.

Photo with signs saying "All lives can't matter until Black lives matter" and "I will never understand so I stand"

Student Work Gallery: Summer 2023

We’ve collected work from undergraduate and graduate students, spanning three of the six major disciplines within the college.


Leysia works with students

Crystallizing curiosity

Leysia Palen was awarded CU’s highest honor for faculty—the title of distinguished professor. She offers a deeper look into her groundbreaking research career, her mentorship methods and her goals for the future.

Dawn Doty instructs students

Thinking forward, looking back

Teaching Associate Professor Dawn Doty received the lifetime achievement award from the Colorado chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. She sat down with CMCI to share anecdotes, tips and keys to working in public relations.

Your Voice

Celebrating a Century of Journalism at CU Boulder

J-School throwback

What is it like to study journalism at CU Boulder? In celebration of the 100th anniversary of journalism education at CU, alumni offer glimpses into student life throughout the decades—inside jokes and reporting adventures included.