As an activist and recent graduate from our Media and Public Engagement master’s program, Katy Fetters uses social media to reframe cerebral palsy.

Assistant Professor Jed Brubaker is making the internet a kinder place.

And alumna Savannah Sellers has a daily following of millions of teens who are showing that they do care about the news.

Fetters, Brubaker and Sellers come from different backgrounds. One graduated from media studies, one is an information scientist, and one is a journalist. Yet they are all using social media for social change. In terms of media, they’re thinking beyond what once was, embracing what now exists, and creating new possibilities for what could be.

I’m thinking about these and many other stories as we enter our fifth year as a college. We’ve created new departments and centers, hired faculty from across the country and developed new academic programs. These changes have set up an environment for our students, alumni, faculty and staff to be confident and creative in an evolving world, and we’re continuing to move forward.

Our new sports media minor is one of the best examples of how we’re building on the strong foundation of our legacy programs. It provides hands-on media training and gives students the flexibility to explore a number of sports-related topics, including business and economics, race and gender dynamics, health and wellness, fandom and rhetoric, and more. Read about our many alumni working in the field and what the minor means for students on Page 30.

As always, I’d love to hear from you.

Lori Bergen
Founding Dean, College of Media, Communication and Information