video still of a firefighting crew


Associate Professor Jody Jahn’s time as a seasonal firefighter did more than fund her college education, it inspired her professional research. Jahn and a team helped design a pilot program that aims to help wildland firefighting crews improve their culture.

DORA ad: mountain biking


Extreme sports enthusiasts are no strangers to adrenaline rushes, but they know the importance of preparation and safety before jumping out of a plane or climbing a steep mountain. New investors, on the other hand, often jump into the trading game with far less experience and knowledge. Advertising students from CU Boulder recently worked on an education campaign designed to counteract risky behavior.

Gaming controller


Assistant Professor Jolene Fisher has spent seven years studying how digital games can be used as a tool for strategic communications. Enter the International Committee of the Red Cross. Its game plan: to transform a video game built around killing into one focused on saving lives.

Illustration of face emojis on a phone


Associate Professor Stephen Voida wants to help people improve their mental health. With the help of students and research partners, Voida is creating a smartphone application to do just that.


The Sound of Healing

Sean Winters, a lecturer in the Department of Critical Media Practices, is part of a team of developers creating a new virtual reality experience with a unique purpose: helping patients undergoing medical treatment.

Audra Barber presents during TedxCU in April 2022. (Photo by Kimberly Coffin)

#TunedIn: Spring 2022

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Mark Harris for Propublica

Al Nakkula Award: Injustice in Juvenile Courts

An investigative reporting series about the juvenile justice system in Rutherford County, Tennessee, won the 2022 Al Nakkula Award for Police Reporting. Produced by Nashville Public Radio’s Meribah Knight and ProPublica’s Ken Armstrong, the series revealed systemic injustice, sparked reform and demonstrated expert reporting on a secretive system.

Memorial Wall by Ross Taylor

A Healing Lens

Assistant Professor Ross Taylor turns a lens toward healing as the Boulder community recovers from the mass shooting at the Table Mesa King Soopers on March 22, 2021.

iPhone illustration


Snap if you tried online dating during the pandemic! It turns out you were in good company. Vicki Shapiro (Comm’93) gives the inside scoop on how dating applications found success when dating seemed impossible.

Clipboard illustration


Ever felt like your doctor’s questions missed the mark? Carey Candrian (Comm’04; MComm’07; PhDComm’11), associate professor of health communication at the CU School of Medicine, shares why healthcare needs to be reimagined one sentence at a time.