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What We’re Reading Now

Our summer reading list is full of new books by CMCI faculty scholars on topics including media and religion, technology and trauma, video activism and citizen-centered journalism.

Chuck Plunkett


From CU Boulder Today: With several scenes shot on CU Boulder’s campus, the new documentary, News Matters, centers on efforts of CU News Corps Director Chuck Plunkett and a group of Colorado journalists to fight back against profit-driven hedge funds which have squeezed the life out of U.S. newsrooms.

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#TunedIn: Spring 2021

A curated list of CMCI research and creative work for your reading, watching and listening pleasure. Dig in!

 Daniel Zender, special to ProPublica

#TheNYPDFiles: ProPublica’s Series on NYPD Impunity wins 2021 Al Nakkula Award

ProPublica’s 10-part series, “The NYPD Files,” earned first place in this year's Al Nakkula Award for police reporting. It's a searing investigation into how the country’s largest police department maintains impunity from public oversight and the toll that impunity takes on the city’s civilians––especially those who are marginalized and most at risk.

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With a brief glance at a single face, emerging facial analysis software can now categorize the gender, race, emotional state and even identity of individuals with remarkable accuracy much of the time. Yet when information science PhD student Morgan Klaus Scheuerman dug into this new technology, he discovered a dangerously subtle form of systemic bias.

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It’s unlikely that any level of planning could have prepared organizations for COVID-19 and the other crises 2020 unleashed. But whether it’s a global pandemic, an economic crisis or a wildfire, practicing how to navigate group communication and decision making can help prepare for future crises, says Associate Professor Matt Koschmann.

Pat Clark filming

#TunedIn: 10 Things Worth Checking Out Now

A curated list of articles by, and featuring, CMCI researchers for your reading, watching and listening pleasure. Dig in!

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Trending: Fall 2019

Associate Professor Phaedra Pezzullo explains why a shift to sustainable energy should be #PoweredByThePeople and Associate Professor Rick Stevens looks into the trend of second screening in #GameOfPhones.

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Trending: Current Issue

Senior Instructor Jamie Skerski discusses the legacy of #TomboyCulture, Department of Media Studies PhD student Art Bamford shares tips on raising #TechieToddlers, and Scholar-in-Residence Jorge Perez-Gallego helps kids in their quest to go #MiningForKnowledge.

Casey Fiesler

Trending: Fall 2018

Researchers on today’s trending topics, from building a better #STEMBarbie to tracking an image’s viral journey from #HopeToNope to co-op movement activists who say it’s out with traditional economies and #InWithTheOld.