Celebrating a Century of Journalism at CU Boulder

J-School throwback

What is it like to study journalism at CU Boulder? In celebration of the 100th anniversary of journalism education at CU, alumni offer glimpses into student life throughout the decades—inside jokes and reporting adventures included.

Shamika Klassen

Going Digital with Dignity

Renaissance woman, multipotentialite, polymath—however you prefer to say it, Shamika Klassen is the type of person you’ll never find doing just one thing. This summer, she took on yet another project: entrepreneurship. Commemorating both Juneteenth and her grandmother’s 71st birthday, she launched the Tech Chaplaincy Institute on June 19, 2020.

Carl Cannon

The sky is always climbing

Carl M. Cannon (Jour'75), now the Washington bureau chief of Real Clear Politics, recalls how he first landed on the steps of Macky as a student in the former J-school, and how he found his way back more than four decades later.

Basketball court

Kate Fagan's three pointers

The communication alumna on life, writing and social media.