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Student Work Gallery: Fall 2023

Students across CMCI find ways to bring together their personal interests and academic pursuits. Since the college’s founding, we have showcased this diverse collection of student work.

Students pitching ideas

Here’s the pitch

Media studies students developed and pitched concepts to Hollywood showrunners—with an assist from A.I.

Mother and child

A focus on service

Lourdes Camarillo sees her photography as a way to connect with her community while also serving it. Since becoming a journalism student at CU Boulder, her focus has expanded as she learns more technical skills.

Doll posed on top of printer

The (doll)face of a tech giant

APRD student Megan Solis landed an internship with tech company HP, created a mascot and won their prestigious InternStellar Award. Her mascot, Lucy, had a TikTok test campaign in April 2023.

Daily Heard Team

Public relations students place second in national competition

May 15, 2023

The Daily He(a)rd has become the first CMCI student team to win the Bateman Case Study Competition. The team's win is not just a first for CMCI, but for Colorado. The team tackled the issue of misinformation for the News Literacy Project.

Mendoza picture

Student IHOPs to dream internship

When Matthew Mendoza enrolled at CU Boulder, he didn’t expect to work alongside marketing giants. This past summer, he worked with UM Worldwide on numerous projects, including one for IHOP.

Photo with signs saying "All lives can't matter until Black lives matter" and "I will never understand so I stand"

Student Work Gallery: Summer 2023

We’ve collected work from undergraduate and graduate students, spanning three of the six major disciplines within the college.

By Ilias Hosain, critical media practices

Maker's Mind: The Student Perspective

See examples of CMCI student work.

Keleigh Andrus is interviewed by 9News.

Art of Awareness

Four student teams competed in the 2022 Bateman competition, a national competition for public relations students, and developed impressive campaigns for the Lymphoma Research Foundation. They captured statewide media attention for their unique strategies, such as developing art installations and hosting a research gala.

Wolf howling at the moon next to a fence

Sound of the Wild

Master’s student Audrey Mayes grew up in rural Texas and knows firsthand how hard it is for busy workers to consume news. So she created a podcast, Where the Aud Things Are, to elevate the rural perspective on wildlife issues in Colorado.