Bird in 360

Back From the Past

Media Production students cluster around a table in CU Boulder’s Museum of Natural History as Emily Braker, the museum’s collections manager, reveals their subjects: a snake in a jar, taxidermied birds, a series of skulls and an array of other specimens dating back to the early 1900s. Their task? Take advantage of 2020 technology to reanimate the objects for an assignment in their Introduction to Extended Realities course.

Flu and technology

Student Reporting: COVID-19

Last spring, as the coronavirus outbreak swept the nation and the globe, students in Writing for the Media jumped into action. From conducting interviews with residents in their communities to combing through government-funded reports, students contributed local and national reporting on a range of pandemic-related topics, from education to business to relationships.

Machuu Pichu

Strength in Numbers

As an activist and recent graduate from CMCI’s Media and Public Engagement master’s program, Katy Fetters (MMediaSt’19) is harnessing the power of social media to redefine what it means to have a disability.

Images by Megan Lange and Julia Muell  for their “Inspired World” campaign

Ad Students Deliver

When challenged to draw attention to a new website for the company Avery Dennison, which specializes in packaging and labeling design, sophomores Megan Lange and Julia Muell knew what to do: Handle with care.

Photo by Marshall McKinley for the “Otterbox X Target” campaign

Courting Success

For Marshall McKinley (StratComm'19), photographing a campaign for Otterbox was a formative opportunity to turn his passion into professional work.


Shifting the Lens

Abby Siegel (CritMedia’19) is compelled to do something that’s usually ill advised in polite culture: Approach strangers to ask about their race and religion.

Pat Finn teaches

"Yes, and..."

In Improv for Strategic Communication, taught by actor and improv aficionado Pat Finn, students learn the same games that he and other comedians—including Saturday Night Live alumni going back decades—play to prepare for the stage.


New Spin on Narrative Arc

“There’s something special about moving around a 3-D space, or seeing it move around you, that makes it seem more real,” says Will Brewer, a critical media practices student whose classwork was displayed on a room-sized global display system through NOAA's Science on a Sphere program.

Serene speaks at CU Boulder NEXT in Denver.

Supreme Dreams

This year, Serene Singh became the first woman in university history and the first CU Boulder student in 25 years to earn a Rhodes Scholarship. In the fall, she'll head to Oxford University in England as part of a path she hopes could one day lead to a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Ashley Hopko and Tessa Diestel

Hate in America

As students in the Carnegie-Knight News21 fellowship program, Tessa Diestel (Jour'18) and Ashley Hopko (Jour'19) traveled the country investigating intolerance, racism and hate crimes. Their project, Hate in America, won the 2018 Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Digital Reporting.