Kendra Gale
Senior Instructor Emeritus

Office: BUCK S121

Kendra Gale is delighted to be teaching in the Communication and Society RAP. It is truly a convergence of her interests in visual communication, civic engagement and education. As an undergrad, Gale attended St. Olaf, a liberal arts residential college. Her graduate work was at the University of Minnesota. In between undergraduate and graduate school and before making a fulltime commitment to academia, she worked in advertising and consumer research.

Gale’s course repertoire ranges from advertising and mass communication to visual communication to storytelling and civic engagement. She has been at the University of Colorado since 2002, most recently in the College of Media, Communication and Information. She will also serve as a liaison to that program to keep CommRAP connected to the college’s courses and activities.

Outside of campus life, she is interested in running – usually with her husband and/or dog, depending on availability, and she attends a lot of soccer games. After spending 20 years in Minnesota, she relishes Boulder’s sunny days and mild winters, but she still gets her lake “fix” every summer with extended time on Lake Superior.