Jason  Sanford
Critical Media Practices

Jason Sidney Sanford is an artist working at the intersection of the sonic and the somatic. Deeply invested in the idea that sound is physical in nature and that music is the result of the action of a body or bodies, his work includes the production of sculptural musical instruments, sonically active environments, performance and installation scenarios, and sound and music composition and recording.

Sanford integrates influences from sculpture, performance art and the DIY music scene. He uses self-made musical instruments for performance artworks, recordings and in concert.  Together with his musical ensembles, Neptune and E, he has recorded and released 11 full-length albums, and has toured throughout the United States and Europe many times.

Sanford holds an MFA from the Studio for Interrelated Media at the Massachusetts College of Art, and a BFA in sculpture from The University of Massachusetts Amherst.