Published: July 21, 2021

Moderators, Discussants, Panelists and Workshop Leaders

  • Kathleen I. Alaimo (PhD student, JRNL)
  • Angie Chuang (associate professor, JRNL)
  • Patrick Ferrucci (associate professor, JRNL)
  • Casey Fiesler (assistant professor, INFO)
  • Kelty Logan (associate professor, APRD)
  • Erin Schauster (assistant professor, APRD)
  • Elizabeth Skewes (associate professor and chair, JRNL)
  • Ross Taylor (assistant professor, JRNL)
  • Paul Voakes (professor emeritus, JRNL

CU Boulder CMCI students and faculty from four departments represented 16 divisions and interest groups during this year’s Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication conference, held virtually from Aug. 4 through 7.

The 104th-annual conference included 21 CMCI scholars, who presented 22 peer-reviewed papers, served on panels and lead workshops. 

Department of Journalism Associate Professor Pat Ferrucci accepted two first-place faculty paper awards at the conference––one for “Covering Sports, When There’s No Sports: COVID, Market Orientation, Paywalls and The Athletic,” and the other for “Understanding Social Media in Journalism Practice: A Typology,” published with Journalism PhD student Fahad Humayun.

Founded in 1912, AEJMC is the oldest and largest alliance of journalism and mass communication educators and administrators at the college level. Today, the nonprofit organization includes thousands of educators, students and practitioners from around the globe. CMCI Founding Dean Lori Bergen served as the organization’s president in 2016, followed by Journalism Professor Emeritus Paul Voakes in 2017.

Below is a complete list of this year’s papers and participants from CMCI, including from the departments of Advertising, Public Relations and Media Design (APRD); Information Science (INFO); Journalism (JRNL); and Media Studies (MDST).

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Communication Technology Division

  • “Exploratory Study of the Relationship between Privacy Concerns and Online Political Participation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram”: Fahad Humayun (PhD student, JRNL)

Communication Theory and Methodology Division

  • “CCO Model Can Explain How a Nonprofit News Organization Can Remain Independent of Outside Influence”: Elizabeth Potter (PhD student, JRNL)
  • “Reshaping the Spheres: An Essay on the New Normative Role of Gatekeeping”: Patrick Ferrucci (associate professor, JRNL) and Toby Hopp (associate professor, APRD)

Community Journalism Interest Group

  • “Community Gatekeeping: Understanding Information Dissemination by Journalists in Sub-Saharan Africa”: Gregory Gondwe (PhD student, JRNL), Patrick Ferrucci (associate professor, JRNL) and Edson C. Tandoc Jr. (Nanyang Technological University)

Cultural and Critical Studies Division

  • “Membership Negotiation Flow in CCO Model May Explain Institutional Bias at a Nonprofit Media Site”: Elizabeth Potter (PhD student, JRNL)

International Communication Division

  • “Examining the Media Coverage of Early COVID19 Responses in the Online Version of Bangladeshi Newspapers”: Sima Bhowmik (PhD student, JRNL) and Fahad Humayun (PhD student, JRNL)
  • “Responsibility Framing of Health Issues in Ghanaian Newspapers: A Comparative Study of Ebola and Cholera”: Augustine Botwe (PhD student, APRD) and Selorm Adogla (National Film and Television Institute, Ghana)

Mass Communication and Society Division

  • “Pornography Addiction and Social Media: An Exploratory Study on the Impact of Social Media on the Road to Porn Abstinence”: Débora Martini (PhD student, APRD) and Harsha Gangadharbatla (associate professor, APRD)

Media Ethics Division

  • “Exploring Moral Ecology in the Coverage of the 2020 Racial Protests: Analyzing Sentiment and Intent Classification of Newspapers and Broadcast News Content in the US”: Gregory Gondwe (PhD student, JRNL)
  • “Moral Foundations in Life Narratives of Emerging Adults in Media-Related Fields”: David Craig (University of Oklahoma), Katie Place (Quinnipiac University), Erin Schauster (assistant professor, APRD), Patrick Plaisance (Pennsylvania State), Chris Roberts (University of Alabama), Ryan Thomas (University of Missouri), Casey Yetter (University of Oklahoma) and Jin Chen (Pennsylvania State)
  • “Moral Reasoning and the Life Stories that Depict Personal Interest, Maintaining Norms and Universal Principles”: Erin Schauster (assistant professor, APRD)
  • “Skepticism, Egoism, & COVID-19 Advertisements: An Exploratory Study of Consumer Attitudes and Moral Foundations”: Christopher Vardeman (PhD student, APRD)

Newspaper and Online News Division

  • “A profession in flux: How Covid-19 coverage is pushing the boundaries of traditional journalism”: Kathleen I. Alaimo (PhD student, JRNL)
  • “How Different Market Oriented News Organizations Portrayed News Coverage about the CARES Act?”: Michelle Rossi (PhD student, JRNL)
  • “It’s All Rhetoric: Dominant Climate Change Discourses in a UK and US Newspaper”: Kathleen I. Alaimo (PhD student, JRNL)
  • “Seeing Red: Reading Uncivil News Comments Guided by Personality Characteristics”: Arthur Santana (San Diego State) and Toby Hopp (associate professor, APRD)

Participatory Journalism Interest Group

  • “Understanding Social Media in Journalism Practice: A Typology”: Fahad Humayun (PhD student, JRNL) and Patrick Ferrucci (associate professor, JRNL) — First Place Faculty Paper

Political Communication Division

  • “In a Hurry, Bored, Angry at Professors: How Punitive Populism Infiltrates Media Education”: Mike McDevitt (professor, JRNL)

Public Relations Division

  • “How has the United Nations portrayed International Women’s Day Before and After Founding UN Women?”: Michelle Rossi (PhD student, JRNL)

Sports Communication Interest Group

  • “Construction of Mediated National Identity Through Sports Journalists Twitter Feed”: Fahad Humayun (PhD student, JRNL)
  • “Covering Sports, When There’s No Sports: COVID, Market Orientation, Paywalls and The Athletic”: Patrick Ferrucci (associate professor, JRNL) — First Place Faculty Paper

Visual Communication Division

  • “A powerful, spiritual, win-win situation: Commercial authenticity in Professional Birth Photography”: Anat Leshnick (PhD student, MDST) and Rivka Ribak (University of Haifa)