CMCI runs a workshop series devoted to enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion in our classrooms. These workshops are open to anyone who teaches in the college and designed for all levels of experience.

High-Impact Practices
Active learning practices that promote deep learning by fostering student engagement. Because of their focus on student engagement, they connect nicely to inclusive pedagogy which embraces difference and actively seeks to create classrooms where all ways of being are handled with fairness and justice.

To accelerate cultural change, a cohort of CMCI faculty and graduate students, or Inclusive Pedagogy Ambassadors, are committed to attend the entire series and share the results of the experience with their colleagues. 

This year, we will be exploring how inclusive pedagogy and high-impact teaching/learning practices can create more equitable and engaging classrooms. This focus reflects our college commitment to equitable learning opportunities for all students in CMCI by incorporating high-impact learning practices (HIPs) into our curriculum.

All CMCI staff, graduate students and faculty are invited to the workshops.

Plan for the 2023/2024 Academic Year

The workshops will run throughout the academic year, generally from 12:20 to 1:35 p.m. one Friday each month. Sessions will be led by knowledgeable facilitators.

Fall 2023

  • Sept. 15: Thinking about inclusive and equitable pedagogy, the nature of high impact practices (HIPS), and the connections between inclusive pedagogy and HIPs.  
    Presenters: Amanda McAndrew (CTL/ASSETT) and Cindy White
  • Oct. 6: Engaging with difference as aspects of inclusive pedagogy and HIPs:  
    Presenters: Teresa Wroe and Julie Volckens (OIEC)
  • Oct. 27:  Using ePortfolios to support student learning; ePortfolios as a site for reflection and for making learning public.  
    Presenter: Amanda McAndrew (CTL/ASSETT)
  • Nov. 10: Universal Design for Learning to support all learners.
    Presenter: Karen Crouch (CTL/ASSETT)
    Location: CASE W360 (Conference Room)
  • Dec. 1: Gathering to reflect on teaching for equity and inclusion
    Location: TBA

Spring 2024 (info about presenters and location forthcoming)

  • Jan. 26: Constructive feedback, student reflection and real-world application as aspects of HIPs learning and inclusive pedagogy.
  • Feb. 23: The nature and benefits of writing intensive courses; building across-the-semester writing assignments.
  • March 8: Collaborative assignments and projects to deepen learning and support student success. 
  • April 12: Gathering to reflect on teaching for equity and inclusion