From the classes we teach to the research and creative scholarship we produce, CMCI scholars are expanding how we understand issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion. Here are some examples of systems that support their work.

Inclusive Pedagogy Workshop (IPW) Series
In AY 2019-2020, CMCI is launching its very own workshop series devoted to enhancing DEI in our classrooms. These workshops are open to anyone who teaches in the college and designed for all levels of experience. To accelerate cultural change, a cohort of 10 CMCI faculty, or Inclusive Pedagogy Ambassadors, are committed to attend the entire series and share the results of the experience with their colleagues. Topics to be addressed include:

  • Queering pedagogy
  • Critical conversations in the classroom
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Developing skills at de-escalation
  • Decolonizing the classroom

For more information, contact Karen Ashcraft

Grad Gala: A Celebration of Diversity Research by CMCI Graduate Students
Launched in spring 2019, this annual college event honors graduate student research devoted to making a better world while promoting thoughtful conversation about DEI in our own community. View gallery for 2019 event »