Published: Aug. 7, 2019

AEJMC TorontoTwenty College of Media, Communication and Information faculty and graduate students are presenting 15 peer-reviewed research papers at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication conference in Toronto today through Saturday, Aug. 10.

CMCI faculty and students are presenting in 10 different divisions or interest groups on topics including the implications of children watching online unboxing videos, visual framing of the opioid epidemic, and the effects of corporate ownership on local media coverage. Seven faculty members also are serving as discussants or moderators at the conference, which more than 2,000 journalism and mass communication scholars are expected to attend.

Below is a complete list of this year’s papers and participants from CMCI, including from the Departments of Advertising, Public Relations and Media Design (APRD); Communication (COMM); Information Science (INFO); Journalism (JOUR); and Media Studies (MDST).


  • “Children and Unboxing Videos Online: Implications for Advertisers and Policy Makers”: Deepti Khedekar (PhD student, COMM) and Harsha Gangadharbatla (associate prof., APRD)
  • “The Influence of Beauty-Related YouTube Content on Consumers’ Purchase Intentions”: Kyungji Lee (PhD student, APRD)

Cultural and Critical Studies

  • “The Dewey Problem: Public Journalism, Engagement and More than Two Decades of Denigrating Discourse”:  Patrick Ferrucci (assistant prof., JRNL), Jacob Nelson (Arizona State University) and Miles Davis (PhD student, JRNL)

Electronic News

  • “The Effects of Corporate Media Ownership on Depth of Local Coverage and Issue Agendas”: Justin Blankenship (Auburn University) and Chris Vargo (assistant prof., APRD)

Entertainment Studies

  • “Corporate Affirmations of the True Self and Mutual Self Help: Transmedia Rhetorics of Marvel Rising”: Burton St. John (professor, APRD) and J. Richard Stevens (associate prof., MDST)

International Communication

  • “Digital Games and Democracy in Africa: Examining the Use of Games as Tools for Internal and External Influence”: Jolene Fisher (assistant prof., APRD)
  • “For Whom Do We Do This Work and in Whose Voice? Examining the Role of International Communication in Africa”: Greg Gondwe (PhD student, JRNL) and Rachel van-der-Merwe (PhD student, MDST)

Mass Communication and Society

  • A Crisis in Pictures: Visual Framing of the Opioid Epidemic by the Cincinnati Enquirer: Matthew J. Haught (University of Memphis), Erin Willis (associate prof., APRD) and Kathleen I. Alaimo (PhD student, JRNL)
  • “Sharing Native Advertising on Twitter: Evidence of the Inoculating Influence of Disclosures”: Michelle Amazeen (Boston University) and Chris Vargo (assistant prof., APRD)

Media Ethics

  • “Moral Reasoning and Development Across Industries of Mass Communication”: Patrick Ferrucci (assistant prof., JRNL), Erin Schauster (assistant prof., APRD), Edson Tandoc (Nanyang Technological University) and Marlene Neill (Baylor University)

Political Communication

  • “The Rationalization of Anti-intellectualism: News as A Recursive Regime in Political Communication”: Michael McDevitt (professor, JRNL)

Public Relations

  • “Assessing the Relationship between Self-Benefit and Other-Benefit Message Framing,
  • Perceived Transparency Effectiveness, and Organizational Trust”: Jolene Fisher (assistant prof., APRD) and Toby Hopp (assistant prof., APRD)
  • “Personal Influence in Public Relations”: Krishnamurthy Sriramesh (professor, APRD) and Jolene Fisher (assistant prof., APRD)

Visual Communication

  • “On the Boundaries: Professional Photojournalists Navigating Identity in an Age of Technological Democratization”: Patrick Ferrucci (assistant prof., JRNL), Ross Taylor (assistant prof., JRNL) and Kathleen I. Alaimo (PhD student, JRNL)
  • “Plastics and Polar Bears: Measuring Environmental Framing Effects on Perceived Distance and Sense of Motivation”: Danielle Quichocho (PhD student, APRD) and Kathleen I. Alaimo (PhD student, JRNL)


  • Patrick Ferrucci (assistant prof., JRNL)
  • Casey Fiesler (assistant prof., INFO)
  • Harsha Gangadharbatla (associate prof., APRD)
  • Erin Schauster (assistant prof., APRD )
  • Ross Taylor (assistant prof., JRNL)
  • Paul Voakes (professor emeritus, JRNL)
  • Erin Willis (associate prof., APRD)