Published: April 9, 2018

The text below was submitted by students and has not been edited.



Nicole I am Nicole Cattin and I am running for the position of President on CMCI Student Government. I am a sophomore, from Chicago, Illinois studying Strategic Communication with an emphasis on Media Design, and double minoring in Technology, Arts, and Media, and in Business. Those of you who know me personally, know that I have a denim jacket for nearly every occasion, including this election, and that is why I am qualified for this experience.

  • D is for being determined. Determined to make my college experience.
  • E is for experience. Throughout my education career, I have held various leadership positions, from participating in Stampede Leadership Camp, to holding a position in Residence Hall Association Senate, to being the Vice President of Programming for Buckingham hall Council. Currently I serve as the secretary of CMCI Student Government and as a CMCI Student Ambassador.
  • N is for nifty. To me, clever thinking is an important part of my involvement in CMCI. As a new college, we are still the guinea pigs, having to experience things as a first-draft, and react, definitely requires someone who is nifty. In terms of the presidency, being nifty would allow me to react to what CMCI students want and need from a college, in ways that not everyone would.
  • I is for my involvement. In addition to my current participation in CMCI Student Government and CMCI Student Ambassadors, I am a member of Boulder Freeride and a Zumba Instructor, all of these things have helped to create a smaller community within the university.
  • M is for my motivation. No matter what I am doing, school is motivating me. When I am not in class I am either in the mountains filming to practice my video editing skills, or in Starbucks exploring Adobe Illustrator. No matter what platform, I am creating pieces for my portfolio and bettering myself in school-related departments because education, and in particular the education I am getting from CMCI are incredibly important to me.

If I am elected President, my denim jacket and I hope to make CMCI a place where everyone feels welcome to learn, thrive, and explore. My main goal as President would be to elevate the experiences of every single CMCI student, no matter their major or their involvement in the college. Not only would I encourage our board to put on more events, and encourage more students to come to Student Government meetings to let their voices be heard, but to increase the board’s communication with students to figure out how we should truly spend our budget to best benefit the students. As a CMCI Student Ambassador, I have seen the behind the scenes of the admission process for CMCI and get to have an impact on the decisions of potential students. As the President of CMCI Student Government, I hope to have an impact on the rest of their CMCI career past their admissions. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I hope to see you and your denim jackets very soon!


Vice President

JaneHello everyone. My name is Jane Franco for those who don’t know me and I am running for Vice president for CMCI Student Government. I am currently a sophomore entering my junior year…which is a bit terrifying (lol). I am currently perusing an Advertising Major in the school of CMCI as well as receiving a business minor in the school of Leeds.

Being a first-generation college student, I decided to kick my student career off across the country. I am a New York girl at heart and love my coffee in the morning as well as an organized work space. I find myself learning and working in groups and being as hands on as possible. I strive to motivate others and push people to their full potential. Growing up I was always told that it takes a village to be successful. If I am given the opportunity to be Vice President I plan on taking everyone’s opinion and ideas into consideration to create successful events and messages for our student body. Being a student in CMCI, we are pushed to innovate and create and I plan to be a huge advocate in facilitating a place and platform for these aspects to come to life. As a club right now, we are still building the roots of committees and finding our niche in producing our own traditions and events in CMCI.

Having been part of this group the last two years, I have had the pleasure of meeting intelligent, kind, and team players of this club. I am passionate about the development of this club and I truly believe that this group has the potential to be a powerful tool in how we interact and bring CMCI students together in a creative way.

As you all know, there has been a major cut to the Student Government Budget. I plan on being a powerful force in protesting this action as well as gathering my peers and fellow CMCI students to stand up for our rights and say as students.

Thank you all so much for coming today and listening. CMCI has a long road ahead of it and you all have the ability to contribute to the success of not only the CMCI department as a whole, but igniting the roots of a powerful board of students to lead CMCI to its fullest potential.




MeredithMy name is Meredith Synnott and I running for the position of Treasurer for the CMCI Student Government. I am a sophomore Advertising student from Centennial, CO and I am a member of Advertising Club, Club Lacrosse, and CMCI Student Government.

I have been a voting member for CMCI Student Government for 2 years and the CMCI school is a big part of why I came to CU. I look forward to continuing to improve the CMCI school by establishing traditions and creating more opportunities for its students.



EmmaMy name is Emma Rumley and I am running to be the Secretary of CMCI Student Government. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Strategic Communication with an emphasis in Media Design and am minoring in Communications, Business, and Women and Gender Studies. I am from Denver, Colorado and decided to come to Boulder for the advertising program and of course, for the beautiful flatirons! I have also been involved with a number of non-profit organizations, Advertising Club here on campus, and the CU PINK Campus Team. I want to be more involved with CMCI Student Government because we are such a new school/program and deserve to have just as many opportunities as other established schools on campus!



KatieMy name is Katie Gray, and I am running to be your CMCI Senator. My passion for CMCI started the first time of many that I had to explain exactly what that acronym meant to my confused parents and friends. I have actively worked to understand the importance of the different facets that make up CMCI as a whole, and as a member of BoulderTalks, TedxCU, and a volunteer discussion facilitator for the city, I know how crucial communication is. My main focus is to actively work to best represent CMCI’s voice alongside the other colleges on campus!