The experience of going abroad can be invaluable for you as a film major. Your firsthand experience abroad can help you gain new perspectives in areas such as production and screenwriting, while also providing opportunities to study and experience the film industry of your host country. CU-Boulder offers more than 90 programs throughout the world with various types of film courses. These programs offer credit that counts as if you had taken the courses in residence at the University of Colorado at Boulder; in some cases, also fulfilling specific film major and/or A&S core requirements. Depending on the program you select, you may spend a few weeks abroad, a few months abroad, or even a full academic year.
Early planning for education abroad is essential. Most film majors find that Junior year is the best time to study abroad, but you should talk with your advisor about your individual goals and graduation timeline to determine what might be best for you.
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Education Abroad in Paris and Rome

Department of Cinema Studies & Moving Image Arts professor, Suranjan Ganguly, offers film classes (Film 3402) in Paris and Rome in alternate summers which count as upper division Critical Studies electives. They also fulfill the upper division Literature and Arts core requirement. Both classes are strongly interdisciplinary and focus on the relationships between film, art, and architecture. They run for three weeks (generally from mid-May), are taught in English, and involve screenings, lectures, discussions, and excursions. All majors can apply. A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required. For more information visit the program webpage and/or contact Prof. Ganguly at