The experience of going abroad can be invaluable for you as a Cinema Studies major. Your firsthand experience abroad can help you gain new perspectives in areas such as production and screenwriting, while also providing opportunities to study and experience the film industry of your host country. CU-Boulder offers more than 90 programs throughout the world with various types of film courses. These programs offer credit that counts as if you had taken the courses in residence at the University of Colorado at Boulder; in some cases, also fulfilling specific Cinema Studies major and/or A&S core requirements. Depending on the program you select, you may spend a few weeks abroad, a few months abroad, or even a full academic year.
Early planning for education abroad is essential. Most Cinema Studies majors find that Junior year is the best time to study abroad, but you should talk with your advisor about your individual goals and graduation timeline to determine what might be best for you.
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Global Seminar: Italian-American Relations in Film (Rome, Italy)
Summer 2023


Earn three credits for CINE, Literature & the arts, or Arts and humanities. Taught in English!



  • Spend part of your summer in one of the most iconic cities in cinema history with a local expert
  • Walk in the footsteps of famous films like Roman Holiday and Three Coins in the Fountain
  • Meet local film editors who work on major film projects
  • Tour the National Film Archives and meet local film students from Rome
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Approved for:

  • Cinema Studies Critical Studies elective
  • A&S Gen Ed: Arts & Humanities
  • Engineering Humanities/Social Sciences
  • CMCI Core: Humanities & Arts
  • International Affairs Off-Campus Experience
  • Sociology elective
  • Italian major elective

Course Description:

Rome is one of the most iconic cities in cinema history, having been portrayed in countless films from different countries. This course will explore the image of Rome in American films, and its relationship with the figure of the American traveler in Rome as portrayed in Italian films. Through the lens of cinema, we will explore how Italians and Americans perceive one another and how the outsider’s look can enrich our own self-perception; in doing so, we will also explore the figure of the foreigner and its symbolic connotations. In this fruitful cultural exchange, the city of Rome will be the protagonist of both our cinematic exploration and our social and artistic immersion. Guest lectures will be given by professionals in the Italian film industry.



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Global Seminar: Filmmaking Abroad: Acting & Directing (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Summer 2023


  • Get hands-on experience by participating in all aspects of a film shoot on location
  • Earn major credit while spending three weeks in Edinburgh, Scotland, a city with a vibrant arts community
  • Learn from professional filmmakers and visit film-specific sights in Scotland
  • Missed the info session? View the summer 2023 presentation here!

Approved for:

  • Production elective for the BA Production Track and BFA (Production)
  • Cinema Studies elective for the BA Critical Studies track
  • Theatre & Dance elective
  • Creative Technology & Design focus elective credit
  • A&S Gen Ed: Arts & Humanities
  • Engineering Humanities & Social Sciences credit

Course Description:

This class aims to advance the skills of both Actors and Filmmakers specifically in the production of location specific narrative video. The course is designed to take advantage of an environment that is unfamiliar, utilizing an arts community that is new to students. This course draws from different departments and encourages collaboration across the disciplines, teaching filmmakers how to direct actors and actors how to perform on camera.  Students will be asked to realize a short film production in an unfamiliar location and work as a team utilizing a culmination of techniques learned from your home programs to secure locations, cast actors, shoot, and edit a film in a foreign country. Students will then edit and present these works before returning to Colorado.

Students will be broken into teams of 3-4, taking on the roles of director, cinematographer and principal cast. Each team will be required to scout a location, cast the remaining actors, and film on location in Scotland.

Students will learn to work with colleagues from a different background, which will require students to interact with the host population and communicate ideas with them. Students will handle responsibilities on both sides of the camera to better understand the various job relationships and will help fulfill the production needs of the course. 

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