Practicum Candidate Form

Release Agreements

These printable forms are useful for production situations that require added talent and locations.

Talent Release

Location Release

Player's Engagement

Film Permit Information

The University of Colorado office of Risk Management and the City of Boulder require student filmmakers to comply with safety and security regulations. Students planning to film or videotape on the University of Colorado Campus, buildings, residence halls, or other university dependencies must fill out the necessary application and await approval before setting up cameras, equipment, crew or actors on campus property. Besides permits, you may need to contract and/or purchase insurance.Make sure that you have discussed with your instructors these requirements and that you plan your shoot to observe all required measures and regulations.

For on campus shoots:

For Film/Video Risk Management form go to:

For permits to film in the city of Boulder go to:

Students wishing to film on location in the City of Boulder must fill out the City’s application (Word doc, 81kB) and turn it into one of the places listed on the application (depending on where you plan to shoot).

For those students looking to film on location within and beyond the city of Boulder, these

links may be helpful:


Boulder Film Commission

Bureau of Land Managemant

Colorado State Information (also for state parks)

Colorado Film Commission

City of Denver

Forest Service

US National Parks

Check on-line with the Colorado Production Guide for other places.

Insurance Information

The University of Colorado does offer some insurance coverage through the Office of Risk Management. For film shoots, Risk Management will provide a proof of liability form for off campus sites that request proof of liability.

Use the below documents to request proof of insurance and to assess your risk levels. If you have questions, contact the Office of Risk Management.

Film Project Guidelines

Film Shoot Risk Assessment