All students begin the Department of Cinema Studies & Moving Image Arts major declaring the Bachelor of Arts as their academic track. After taking the second core production course in CINE, Foundations II, students are eligible to apply to the BFA.  The BFA program opens up a more intensive exploration of moving image arts production. In addition to the core moving image arts curriculum, students delve into more expansive moving image practices, such as screenwriting, animation, documentary, sound design, live projection, and producing. Additional critical studies classes offer further analysis of cinematic experiences, subjectivities, and aesthetics. The BFA culminates with a year-long capstone film production where students can realize their individual cinematic voice.

The mission of the BFA is to prepare artists who will be competitive as independent filmmakers.

Admission Requirements

The Department of Cinema Studies & Moving Image Arts educates students in the history and development of film as an art form and contemporary medium. The curriculum instills an informed analytic awareness of the ways in which film has evolved artistically and stylistically, and provides the resources for significant creative exploration of the medium.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is competitive. In order to graduate with a BFA degree, students must first satisfy a number of prerequisites and then submit a formal application to the BFA program at the prescribed time (deadline will be posted each semester on the cinema studies website). Students are encouraged to apply to the BFA program at the end of their sophomore year.

Applicants must have a cumulative GPA at CU Boulder of 2.3 or higher, and a CINE GPA of 3.3 or higher. Applicants must submit an application form, two application essays, and 2 examples of Moving Image works. Admission into the BFA program is contingent upon approval of the application materials by the BFA committee. Students are required to attend a BFA orientation meeting prior to submitting their application. The program recommends that BFA students purchase film and sound media-capable Apple computing systems.

Students are encouraged to consult with the Cinema Studies advisor in order to obtain advice and current information.

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BFA Application Procedures

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