For questions about the application portal please consult the university-wide Graduate School's FAQ

  • The Department expects that incoming students have gained a mastery of undergraduate chemistry before entering the graduate program. For Chemistry Ph.D., expected course work at the undergraduate level includes two semesters of undergraduate organic chemistry, at least one semester of physical chemistry, and at least two semesters (total) from the areas of analytical chemistry, biochemistry and/or inorganic chemistry are required. If incoming students have not fulfilled these requirements upon admission to the graduate program, they are expected to demonstrate proficiency in these areas within the first two semesters of graduate study.

  • While we recommend prior research experience in a competitive applicant, it is not a requirement.

  • No, the Chemistry department does not offer any formal Master-track graduate program. We only offer admission to our PhD-track program.

  • We recommend that students have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0

  • Scores for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test are no longer a required part of the application. Applicants who have already taken the GRE and wish to submit their scores may do so.
  • Our Institution Code is #4841. The department code for GRE scores is no longer required by CU Boulder, however, if you need to input a code when you take the test, please use one of the following department codes for Chemistry: #0202, #0301, #0302, #0304, #0603, #0399.

  • We expect all of our students to have excellent oral communication skills. If your native language is not English, all international applicants are required to meet a minimum standard of English proficiency. You will be required to take the TOEFL or an acceptable equivalent examination. For a list of exemptions and countries exempted from TOEFL or IELTS, and minimum required English proficiency scores, please consult this link.
  • Since English proficiency is a requirement for student visas, the test would need to be valid at and after admission, as we would need verified and current results for immigration documentation.

    • Unofficial transcripts are acceptable for the application process. You would be asked to submit official transcripts upon acceptance into the program.

    • No, securing a research advisor is not required before applying. Admitted students are expected to join a research group no later than the end of their 1st semester in the chemistry graduate program. In extenuating circumstances, students will have until the end of the second semester. A list of current research active faculty can be found here.

    • Admitted students receive funding via serving as TAs (Teaching Assistants) and/or RAs (Research Assistants). You can find additional information on funding here. 

    • Applications open mid-July each year. Applications will close December 1, 2024. Follow these links to see directions on how to apply:

    • All application materials, including the application, application fee, statement of purpose, transcripts, three letters of recommendation, and English proficiency exam (if applicable), MUST BE RECEIVED by the application deadline (December 1, 2024 for Fall 2025 admission). Please apply here.

    • We are not offering application fee waivers at this time.
      • Domestic application fee: $60
      • International Application fee: $80

    • Applicants will be notified several weeks after the application deadline if any application materials are missing. Official notifications will be issued by mid-March, but students may receive informal notifications on a rolling basis starting as early as mid-December.

    If your question was not answered here please reach out to Graduate Program Manager at for additional help.