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As your fall semester begins, please consider signing up for an asynchronous Innovative Teaching Lab at the CTL: Aligning Self with Teaching or Active Learning with Jason Lagapa, professional development lead at the CTL. 

Each lab is designed to require minimal commitment (focused on just a handful of readings) yet offers a focused and intentional way of thinking about your teaching practice. Both labs will be conducted—asynchronously—as a Canvas Community course, which you can complete either individually or with a cohort of others.

The Aligning Self with Teaching Lab proceeds from the understanding that capable teaching relies upon a personally developed sense of authenticity, integrity, and self. To get towards a fuller sense of your identity (as it relates to teaching), we will engage in reflection exercises to identify past experiences that helped shape you as an academic and a teacher. We’ll also look towards the present to discover the expectations you have for your students and explore the extent to which these expectations stem from—and cohere with—your own values and identity.

The Active Learning Lab will highlight strategies that promote an interactive classroom environment and encourage student-centered learning. Each unit will have a specific focus, such as defining a teaching persona, implementing student-focused learning activities, encouraging dialogic pedagogy, and identifying a teaching project or teaching concern.

Each lab will begin September 13th and run through early December. To be added to one or both of the Innovative Teaching Labs, please contact Jason at