Kits & Learning Modules Used Across the State that are Remote Friendly


Cindy at TSJC uses Parallax kits:

Many programs are using SparkFun Inventor's Kits: (you can find others by searching for Inventor's Kits)

Joey at PCC found the JPL online kit very useful for an intro project for her students (Wearable Tech):

Balloon Payload Modules (for COSGC affiliates only)

Component Kits are provided at $147/each (contact Bernadette to order & if funding is an issue)

Affiliate program provides students lab tools to build electronics & payload: List of tools and components

  • For fall semester, must order kits by August 10.
  • For spring semester, must order kits by December 1.
  • For summer term, must order kits by May 1.

Payloads are launched with the DemoSat flights, but it is separate from DemoSat