LING 3200 Academic Oral Communication in English (3 credits)

Designed for undergraduate students who are non-native English speakers, this course improves students’ oral communication skills for effective academic interactions. Specific attention is given to presentation skills of developing, explaining and clarifying ideas, and discussion skills including interrupting, hedging, and responding to questions. Students deliver formal presentations and impromptu speeches, and lead and participate in group discussions. Students improve active listening skills, non-verbal communication and English pronunciation.

LING 3210 English for Academic Purposes (3 credits)

Designed for undergraduate students who are non-native speakers, this course develops academic English skills for university-level work. Students sharpen English accuracy through academic reading, writing, speaking, and listening practice. They learn to express ideas more clearly, both orally and in writing, while engaging critically in class discussions, and giving presentations, including on a researched topic related to their major. Students improve grammatical accuracy, vocabulary development and critical thinking.