Solar Flare

Figure 22: A solar flare and wave event recovered from the SOONSPOT data. The points of light in straight lines proceeding from the main flare site may be the footpoints of large coronal loops tearing away from the sun and the source of coronal mass ejections (CMEs).

Solar observations research involves several aspects of observing solar activity at various wavelengths. The primary types of solar activity of interest are those that have direct effects on the Earth and its space environment. These include solar flares and their associated interplanetary particle events and coronal mass ejections (CMEs). Our research has shown a very high association of an x-ray signature known as progressive spectral hardening and high energy proton events that can be harmful to astronauts and spacecraft. Efforts involve the use of solar hard and soft X-ray, microwave, optical, and extreme ultra-violet (EUV) data.