Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Integrated Plasma Studies is to foster plasma and beam related science and research. In particular, CIPS provides a home for interdisciplinary plasma related activities. This includes coordination of high-performance scientific and networking capability. CIPS has the additional mission of scientific outreach, making plasma physics, general physics, and astrophysics highly accessible to the general public.


The Center for Integrated Plasma Studies (CIPS) is a research center at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Located in the Duane Physics Complex.

The center was founded in 1993 in order to consolidate plasma research on campus and in the Boulder scientific community at large. Since then, CIPS has hosted scholars from all over the world.

CIPS's scholars constitute a number of research groups, each responsible for its own projects. Our scholars make use of a number of highly specialized laboratories across the Physics Department.

CIPS is funded by research grants received from DOE (Department of Energy), NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), NSF (National Science Foundation), and other agencies.

Research Outline

The Center for Integrated Plasma Studies supports numerous plasma physics research groups.  More information about the Center’s research can be found on the Research page.