Shawn standing in front of a tree with his hands crossed in front of him.
Dissertation Completion Fellow
Doctoral Fellow

Shawn Trenell O’Neal is a fifth-year PhD candidate in the Department of Ethnic Studies
at University of Colorado Boulder, in addition to a renowned DJ and audio producer. His
research includes African American studies, Africana studies, musicology,
ethnomusicology, queer and trans of color critique, and women of color feminisms.
Shawn is a founding member and researcher in Lyripeutics Storytelling: Remixing Our
Reality Through Hip Hop Education. He is currently developing an interdisciplinary, and
intersectional theoretical concept called Audio Intersectionality (A.I). A.I. are
interdisciplinary herstories and histories, active responses, self-narratives, self-defenses,
traumas, and celebrations, regarding race, gender, and sexuality communicated through

sound, music, and performance. The dissertation title is Audio Intersectionality: Self-
Identification Within the Processes of Interdisciplinary Explorations in Sound, Music, and

Performance. Shawn O’Neals’ work appears in Routledge Handbook of Pan-Africanism