The CAAAS Black Book

We are excited to share the AY 2022-23 CAAAS Black Book with the University of Colorado Boulder community. In these pages, you will find information on the CAAAS, CAAAS Student Services Programs, Faculty Affiliates, local Black Businesses, tips for Black student success, and much more. 

CAAAS Black Book

The Cause: The CAAAS Newsletter 

"The Cause: The CAAAS Newsletter" is our bi-monthly newsletter where we feature programs, events, and other activities happening in, or co-sponsored by, the Center for African & African American Studies with our campus and community partners. 

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The CAAAS Conversations 

"The CAAAS Conversations" is a video podcast featuring interviews and dialogues on African, African American, and African diasporan history, culture, politics, social movements, music, and art. It is hosted by Dr. Reiland Rabaka and produced by the Center for African and African American Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. Reiland Rabaka is Professor of African, African American, and Caribbean Studies in the Department of Ethnic Studies and the Founder and Director of the Center for African and African American Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. Professor Rabaka has published 17 books and more than 85 scholarly articles, book chapters, and essays, including most recently The Routledge Handbook of Pan-Africanism (2020), Du Bois: A Critical Introduction (2021), and Black Power Music!: Protest Songs, Message Music, and the Black Power Movement (2022). He is also a poet and musician.

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The Center for African and African American Studies (CAAAS) annually appoints faculty and students who conduct research and creative work for a period of one to two semesters in a wide range of fields related to African and African American Studies. Emphasizing African and African American Studies scholarship and art, the CAAAS is a laboratory for groundbreaking research, critical conversation, innovative instruction, lively lectures, panels, performances, and exhibitions based on the principles of intersectionality and interdisciplinarity. The Center for African and African American Studies draws on the teaching, research, creative work, and expertise of a wide range of CU faculty members and students (both undergraduate and graduate students) from departments, programs, centers, and institutes in the College of Arts & Sciences, College of Media, Communication & Information (CMCI), CU Law School, School of Education, Leeds School of Business, College of Music, College of Engineering & Applied Science, and Office of Diversity, Equity & Community Engagement (ODECE), among others. The CAAAS collaborates on various projects with departments, programs, centers, and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives across the CU campus and beyond. Here are some of the resources for campus and community members interested in African and African American Studies, and the Black experience on the Boulder campus and in the Boulder community. 

Research Guides for CAAAS