Bachelor's Program 

A Bachelor of Science degree in civil or architectural engineering from the Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) program is part of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering. An emphasis in construction management is available in either option. For students who have a strong interest in the construction of commercial buildings, architectural engineering provides the combination of engineering, architectural design and building systems as a foundation for entering the commercial construction industry. For students with a strong interest in infrastructure construction such as roads, water treatment facilities and bridges, a degree in civil engineering provides a foundation in structural engineering, geotechnical and water resources as preparation for a career in civil construction.

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Master's Program 

The Master of Science program in CEM provides students the opportunity to specialize their education to the needs of their career choice. CEM students can select an MS option in civil or architectural engineering. While the core construction courses are the same for both degrees, electives for the MS program in architectural engineering focus on building science, while those in civil engineering focus on the general civil courses (e.g., geotechnical, environmental, water, etc.). The goal of the MS program is to provide students the educational environment to expand their abilities as construction professionals, construction management, engineering, design-build and owner organizations. The program offers educational opportunities in building construction and heavy/industrial construction. Preparing professionals for the analytical, multicultural and creative demands of the future requires a strongly committed partnership between academia and industry. The continuing dialogue between the CEM program and the active local construction industry further enhances these educational opportunities.

Acceptance into our CEM M.S. degree program requires a B.S. in an engineering field.  Students entering with engineering degrees outside of construction, civil or architectural engineering, or with minimal practice or construction-related coursework, may be required to take our CEM Fundamentals course.  Students with a non-engineering B.S. degree will be required to complete prerequisite engineering undergraduate courses (structural analysis, geotechnical design and fluid mechanics).  Each new graduate student’s prior coursework will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

For more information about the CEM graduate program, please contact Dr. Cristina Torres-Machi. To learn about the Leeds School of Business MBA Construction Management Track, please visit the CU Real Estate Center page.

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PhD Program 

At the PhD level, CEM is an emphasis within the civil or architectural engineering program. The PhD requires 30 semester hours of coursework plus 30 hours of thesis credit. PhD students are also required to successfully complete a preliminary exam, a comprehensive exam and a final dissertation defense. Students successfully completing the degree have the qualifications to enter an academic career or a specialized consulting career in a wide range of engineering or business based corporate environments.

Students interested in pursuing a PhD degree should contact the CEM faculty member who specializes in the area that most interests you and aligns with your career goals. Individual faculty can provide information on research opportunities and teaching assistantships.

K. Stanton Lewis CEM PhD Fellowship - For fall 2020 PhD applicants, the CEM program is offering our prestigious K. Stanton Lewis CEM PhD Fellowship.  This fellowship will include four-years of funding through fellowship, teaching assistant and research assistant support.  Applicants should be seeking a future position in academia and have research interests aligned with one of our CEM faculty members.  Candidates need only note their interest in this fellowship in the personal statement of their PhD applications and be sure to apply by December 1, 2019.  Selections will be made early in 2019.

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