CEM at a Glance

  • The Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) program at the University of Colorado at Boulder started in 1968.
  • CEM offers B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees.
  • The CEM program has 5 full-time faculty members plus two adjunct professors.
  • Approximately 45% of civil and architectural engineering majors choose CEM as their concentration area.
  • The typical graduate class size is 15 – 20 students while the undergraduate class size is 40 – 60 students.
  • About 25% of CEM students are woman and approximately 10% of CEM students are international students.
  • Undergraduate core competencies upon graduation include: Estimating, contract administration, planning and scheduling, surveying, CAD, equipment methods and construction engineering.

Goals and Philosophies

Our goal is to prepare future construction professionals to lead industry, academia, and research. To that end, we view strong interaction between academia and industry as a core element of the Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) program, our curriculum and research projects.

To ensure the education, support, and success of our graduates, we operate under the following philosophies:

  • We believe preparing future industry leaders and educators requires proactive, innovative high-performance research projects.
  • We believe greater career and research opportunities can be developed through strong industry relationships.
  • Balance is principle. To be successful in life and profession, we believe you should work as hard as you play.