The Center for Environmental Journalism is a locus for many academic activities and programs related to the environment and communication. We coordinate an environmental journalism program at the graduate level, collaborate with students and faculty from across CMCI’s different academic units, and engage with the entire University of Colorado community.

Environmental Journalism Area of Expertise

At the core of these activities is the Environmental Journalism Area of Expertise program at the graduate level. This is for master’s students within the Department of Journalism who choose to undertake the Area of Expertise option for their MA degree and want to specialize in environmental issues.

The Department of Journalism’s overall Area of Expertise option is for students wishing not only to acquire advanced journalistic skills but also to complement them with a particular specialty, such as environmental science and policy. This option is designed for students with limited academic or professional expertise in journalism. It can be completed with a minimum of 36 credits and in four semesters. 

Master’s students may satisfy the requirements of the Environmental Journalism Area of Expertise option by crafting a program of six elective courses in consultation with their academic advisors. Alternatively, students may choose to complete one of two environmentally-focused graduate certificate programs at the University of Colorado: the Graduate Certificate in Environment, Policy and Society, or the Graduate Certificate Program in Renewable and Sustainable Energy. Whichever path a student chooses, two electives are taken within the Department of Journalism. For students specializing in environmental journalism, these are typically Science Writing and Reporting on the Environment. The other four courses can be part of the certificate programs, or they can be chosen flexibly to meet a student’s particular interests.

Students can complete the environmental option in other ways as well—in consultation with an advisor from the CEJ. 

Graduate Degrees at CMCI