Information Science Graduate Degrees

Information Science

The Master of Science and PhD in Information Science

It is anticipated that the MS in Information Science will begin in fall 2018 and applications will be accepted beginning in July 2017.

Information Science considers the relationships between people, places and technology and the information those interactions yield. The Internet is a broad example of a socio-technical system that is comprised of hardware and software, but in daily life is better understood as a constantly changing social infrastructure upon which complex forms of human-human and human-information interaction rest. Scholars and students of Information Science develop new methods to study these socio-technical phenomena, and translate those findings to the design and development of useful and meaningful technology.

The department will equip students with the conceptual machinery to succeed in a future characterized by new ways of working with information and communication technology.

The knowledge and skills of our graduates will enable them to participate in and shape new structures of enterprise. Customized, creative production—as in the “maker culture” movement—is expanding notions of the enterprise, as are distributed and mobile workforces.

The MS and PhD degrees align with standards set by other universities. Both include liberal arts education combined with empirical work and computing knowledge, and both incorporate the grant-driven, collaborative “lab model” research that characterizes the natural and engineering sciences.

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