CEDaR and Design Without Borders (DWB) are offering mentorships to help students explore career opportunities in design and planning, urban and environmental management, and community engagement fields. CEDaR/DWB Mentorships are designed to provide career guidance and professional experience through interaction with practitioners. At the same time, Community Design and Planning Mentorships offer professionals an opportunity to nurture young people entering their field and contribute to the design and planning professions.  

A team of professionals committed to participate in the program has been developed. Students selected to participate in the program will be matched with these professionals. Students and professionals commit to one or more discussions and other activities to help the student better understand options for design careers. Time commitments by student and mentor will be agreed upon in advance but will include at least one meeting. Professionals may also choose to offer additional mentorship options such as shadowing for a day between student and mentor. The mentorship team matches students and professionals based on interests and experience, and puts the two in contact with one another.

Students will submit (1) a brief statement of career interest and (2) a resume. They will be selected competitively for the program based on background and availability of mentors. After selection for the program students will be asked to complete a form describing experience and career directions and will participate in a brief orientation. Mentors will submit a paragraph or website describing their work, indicate below what kinds of mentorships they are able to offer, and identify potential time availability. Students and mentors will have the opportunity to participate in orientation and social events and meet others involved in the mentorship program, CEDaR, DWB, and the Environmental Design and Environmental Studies Programs.