The Community Engagement, Design and Research Center's (CEDaR) internships, mentorships, jobs and capstone/masters projects are often rooted in faculty-student-partner cooperation around an applied research or community problem.   

CEDaR is searching for interns interested in working with teams of academics and local planners and designers on community-based projects. Interns will support communities interested in using design and planning to address critical local needs and will help the staff with administrative and communication tasks. 

These unpaid internships require at least a 150-hour commitment per the university's three-credit hours and include work in the CEDaR office in the environmental design building, as well as fieldwork. Many students voluntarily work more hours to complete their projects. A workplan will be developed with every student at the beginning of the internship and revised as needed, including definition of specific products to be submitted and reviewed by the end of the internship. From time-to-time interns may contribute to general CEDaR tasks (e.g., help in development of CEDaR events, materials, web and social media postings).

There will be some flexibility around your other work requirements, but interns should expect to be in the office or on-site for a specified number of hours each week.

Start and end dates are negotiable but the typical start for the internship is the beginning of the first week of the term or beginning in the summer (usually May) and continuing through the next school semester or year. At the end of the internship, interns will be evaluated as per the requirements of their program. Your work products may be published on the CEDaR website or elsewhere. 

Unpaid internships have the potential to transition to paid employment.  Preference will be given to current sophomores or juniors.  

Examples of CEDaR intern tasks

Community projects 

  • Outreach  to communities, professional entities and cities 


  • Create PowerPoint presentations 

  • Update the CEDaR website in Web Express 

  • Write CEDaR news, choose a photo and post on CEDaR FaceBook page 

  • Create monthly newsletters in Constant Contact, linking to articles on the CEDaR website 

  • Give presentations 

  • Format reports  

  • Help set up and tear down CEDaR events 

  • Photograph events 

Graphic Design 

  •  Infographics 

  • Event posters 

  • Photo editing 

  • Graphs and charts 

Desired software experience 

  • Web Express (CEDaR website platform) 

  • Constant Contact (CEDaR newsletter) 

  • Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, and Excel 

  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Lightroom 

  • Office 365:SharePoint 

Please contact Susan Glairon for more information or an interview.