The Bringing School Home project is a place-based and programmatic assessment of social-emotional outcomes for families in poverty involved in the Bringing School Home-- Early Childhood program sites. As affordable housing opportunities diminish in Boulder County, an investment in community programs addressing the needs of vulnerable families is a critical priority. This integrated approach and its associated educational and environmental interventions presents a unique opportunity to study interactions among several key social determinants of health. We are developing a partnership between Boulder Housing Partners and the Community Engagement Design and Research Center (CEDaR) at CU Boulder to design appropriate place-based assessments which will enrich and expand the evaluations that Bringing School Home currently uses with the long-term project goal of creating data-driven design guidelines to inform the design of neighborhood-based early childhood school readiness programs offered in public housing sites. Procedurally, responding to the call to action from leaders in community foundations across the country and in keeping in line with how BHP develops and evaluates its programs, we aim to engage residents and families in the project development to inform methodological processes and project outcomes.  Partners: Boulder Housing Partners.