Sun Moon University

Institutional Affiliation

Sun Moon University, South Korea


Ph.D., Linguistics, Lancaster University, UK

Research Interests

EFL writing; writer identity; feedback practices

Regional and Thematic Interests

East Asia
Cultural Studies; Language

Term at CU

Younghwa Lee was a visiting scholar at the University of Colorado Boulder from January 2015 until January 2016.


Dr. Younghwa Lee is an associate professor in the department of English at Sun Moon University, South Korea. She has been one of the editors or officers of the major journals in Asia and Korea such as 'Asia TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)', 'The Korea Association of Teachers of English', 'Pan-Korea English Teachers Association', and 'The Linguistic Science Society.' She is also a member of ‘review board’ in the field of education for Korea National Research Foundation. She has published a number of articles in the domestic and international journals.She is currently working on English writing practices of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese students.

Selected Publications

2014 "Students’ strategies for a writing task: An exploration using written texts and discourse with the teacher." The Journal of Korea Contents 14, no. 10: 829-839.

2012 "Exploring voices: The macrofunctions of language within a community of practice." English Language Teaching 24, no. 4: 43-66.

2012 Lee, Y-H. & Kim, S. "A comparison of individual with pair writing: Focusing on fluency, complexity, and accuracy." The Journal of Linguistic Science 63: 261-282.

2011 "Exploring the talk in EFL students' peer feedback: Content, perspectives, and desire." English Language Teaching 23, no. 1: 109-128.

2011 "Meaning-making and Toulmin elements in university students' argumentative writing." The Journal of Linguistic Science 56: 117-136.

2011 Kim, S., & Lee, Y-H. "The relationships between English language proficiency and the national economic performance: Focusing on non-English-speaking OECD countries." The Journal of Korea Contents 11, no. 1: 329-339.

2010 Lee, Y-H., & Kim, S. "Linguistic and educational factors affecting TOEFL scores: Focusing on three OECD countries in EFL contexts." International Journal of Contents 6, no. 2: 33-40.

2010 Kim, S., Lee, Y-H., & Lim, G. "The relationships between educational investment as a human capital formation and the national economic growth: Focusing on non-English-speaking OECD countries." The Journal of Korea Contents 10, no. 3: 315-326.

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