Professor • Provost's Chair


Ph.D., Economics, Boston University, 1992
M.A., Industrial Economics, People's University of China, 1988
B.S., Engineering, Zhejiang Institute of Technology, China

Research Interests

Vertical contracting; dynamic pricing; consumer search; innovation and intellectual property; antitrust/competition policy; and organization of international trade

Regional and Thematic Interests

Business and Economics


PhD, Boston University, 1992, is a professor with specialties in industrial organization and microeconomic theory. His current areas of research include vertical organization, price theory, consumer search, innovation and intellectual property, antitrust, and international trade. He is Managing Editor of International Journal of Industrial Organization and Associate Editor of RAND Journal of Economics. He previously served as Associate Editor of European Economic Review, Associate Editor of Quantitative Marketing and Economics, Associate Editor of Journal of Industrial Economics, and Editorial Advisor of Canadian Journal of Economics.

Selected Publications

“Interpersonal Bundling” (with T. Zhang), Management Science, forthcoming.

“Refusal to Deal, Intellectual Property Rights, and Antitrust,” Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 30: 533-557, 2014.

“(When) Do Stronger Patents Increase Continual Innovation?” (with S. Pan and T. Zhang), Journal of Economic Behavior and
Organization, 98: 115-124, 2014.

“Profitability of Product Bundling” (with Michael Riordan), International Economic Review, 54: 35-57, 2013.

“Product Innovation Incentives: Monopoly vs. Competition” (with Marius Schwartz), Journal of Economics & Management
Strategy, Vol. 22, 513-528, 2013.

“Ex ante Investment, Ex post Remedy, and Product Liability” (with X. Hua), International Economic Review, 53: 845-866, 2012.

“Physical Capital, Knowledge Capital and the Choice between FDI and Outsourcing” (with Ig Horstmann and James Markusen),
Canadian Journal of Economics, 45: 1-15, 2012.

“Equilibrium Price Dispersion with Heterogeneous Searchers” (with Tianle Zhang), International Journal of Industrial
Organization, 29: 645–654, 2011.