Korea Energy Economics Institute

Institutional Affiliation

Korea Energy Economics Institute


Ph. D., Economics, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2013
M.A., Economics, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2008
B.A., Economics, Kyunghee University, 2001

Research Interests

My Ph.D. thesis is related to economic growth and fluctuation driven by investment-specific technology. As an energy economist, I have conducted several studies on nuclear energy policy, which include nuclear economics, nuclear safety, social acceptance, and waste management. Now I extend my research area to the energy market with macroeconomic perspectives. One of my recent research projects is investigating the effect of primary energy price shock on the electricity price of South Korea with the consideration of its power mix (or electricity mix). Also, I am interested in the electricity market and the energy policies of Asian countries.

Faculty Sponsor

Martin Boileau, Economics

Term at CU

Wooyoung Park is currently a visiting scholar from October 2021 to September 2022.