• Study at Gadjah Mada University (UGM) the highest-ranked and 2nd largest university in Indonesia
  • Live in Yogyakarta (“Yogya”), a city known for its arts scene, political youth culture, and college town vibe
  • Explore UGM’s beautiful, modern, and green campus situated on 882 acres
  • Discover Yogya as the center of traditional Javan culture and arts, and major political and economic hub for the region
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Nomination period: February 1st - 28th, 2023

Applications period: February 1st - March 20th, 2023

Number of Students

The quota of students will be based on the MoU and we will also accept students who defer from previous semesters. 

*Students who defer from previous semesters must be re-nominated and re-applied.

Nomination Procedure

For nomination, kindly fill in the data on http://ugm.id/NominationOdd23 before the above-mentioned deadline. 

*We no longer accept nominations through email. If you have sent us the nomination by email, please re-submit it to the provided link. 

Application Procedure

The students shall complete their applications through our admission system. You can also suggest students read the registration guidelines here.

Therefore please inform them to prepare the following documents for their application in advance:

  1. A scanned full-page passport (see the guidelines for scan here
  2. A scan of the passport cover (see the guidelines for scan here
  3. The Latest Official Academic Transcript in English
  4. A Curriculum Vitae in English
  5. IELTS / TOEFL Certificate (for non-English speaking countries)
  6. An Official Photo of yours (see the example here and the photo guidelines here
  7. A Personal Statement (see the template here
  8. A Financial Statement signed by family / close relatives (see the template here
  9. Good Health Statement signed by the doctor (see the template here
  10. A Recommendation Letter from your Home University
  11. A Student ID 
  12. An International Health Insurance 
  13. A Full-dose Covid Vaccine Certificate in English 
  14. An Additional Statement for Visa Application (see the template here