Associate Professor
Ethnic Studies


PhD., History, University of Washington
M.A., History, University of Vermont
B.A., English, University of California

Regional and Thematic Interests

Asian-American History
Transnational/Comparative Ethnic Studies

Research Interests

Asian American History; Twentieth-Century U.S. History; Asian American Studies; Empire; Borderlands; Transnationalism; Social Movements; Radicalism and Antiradicalism; Racial Formations; Postcolonial Theory; Comparative Ethnic Studies; South Asian American Cultural Productions


Seema Sohi, Global Travelers: Intellectual and Political Crossings in the Age of Decolonization (In Progress)

Seema Sohi, “Indian Anticolonialism and Racialized Security Regimes across the British and American Empires,” Journal of Modern European History (submitted December 2016)

Seema Sohi, Echoes of Mutiny: Race, Surveillance, and Indian Anticolonialism in North America (New York: Oxford University Press, 2014).

Seema Sohi, “Sites of ‘Sedition,’ Sites of Liberation: Gurdwaras, the Ghadar Party, and Anticolonial Mobilization,” Sikh Formations 10, April, 2014: 5-22.

Seema Sohi, “Repressing the ‘Hindu Menace’: Race, Anarchy, and Indian Anticolonialism,” Vivek Bald, Miabi Chatterji, Sujani Reddy, and Manu Vimalassery, eds., The Sun Never Sets: South Asian Migrants in the Age of U.S. Power (New York: New York University Press, 2013), 50-74.

Seema Sohi, “Race, Surveillance, and Indian Anticolonialism in the Transnational Western U.S.- Canadian Borderlands,” Journal of American History 98, September 2011: 420-436.