Ph.D. Student


M.A., Geography, University of Colorado Boulder
B.A., International Affairs, George Washington University

Regional and Thematic Interests

East Asia
Government/Political Systems


2018. Tynen, Sarah. "Lived Space of Urban Development: The Everyday Politics of Spatial Production in Nanjing, China." Space and Culture

2018. Tynen, Sarah. “Development and Inequality in Urban China: The Privatization of Homeownership and the Transformation of Everyday Practice.” In Contesting Urban Space in East Asia: Recasting Neoliberalism upon Housing, edited by Yi-Ling Chen, Hyun Bang Shin, and Asato Saito. London: Palgrave.

2016. Guo, Huiling and Sarah Tynen. “Social Distance, Ethnicity, and Religion in Northwest China: A Survey of Inter- and Intra-Group Attitudes among Han, Hui, and Tibetan Students.” Eurasian  Geography and Economics 56, no. 6: 679-712.

2014. Tynen, Sarah. “Uneven Housing Development and the Spatial Negotiation of Class in Nanjing, China.” Master’s thesis, University of Colorado-Boulder.