Asian Studies Major/Minor Course
Religious Studies

Course Credits: 3
Asian Studies Major/Minor Course

Semester(s) Offered

  • Fall 2023
  • Fall 2022
  • Fall 2021 - In person
  • Spring 2021
  • Summer 2020 (online)
  • Fall 2019
  • Spring 2019

Catalog Description

Focusing on the history of the Muslim World in the age of the caliphates, this course takes an interdisciplinary, comparative approach to the development of Islamicate society, focusing on social structure, politics, economics and religion. Students will use primary and secondary sources to write a research paper, and make in-class presentations to cultivate critical thinking, research and writing skills.

What is Islam and what are its origins? This course goes beyond theology and doctrine to understand the development of Islam as a religious, social, cultural, and political phenomenon, from its era of origin through to the fall of the Caliphate of Baghdad in the 1250s. Islam, like other religions did not develop in a vacuum; this course emphasizes contact and interdependence between Christians, Muslims and Jews in the formation and development of Islamic culture.

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